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6 Post Shave Tips For Caring For Your Skin

6 Post Shave Tips For Caring For Your Skin

The process of shaving can make you feel totally new. You’ll feel more vibrant as you will have gotten your face or head shaved to create a smooth surface all over your skin. However, you also have to be cautious when doing this as your skin can still be vulnerable even after you are done shaving it. You can do many things right now to make it a little easier for you to shave properly and to keep your skin healthy after getting a good shave going.

Avoid Alcohols

Some alcohols are often used in some aftershave materials. Alcohols are typically used with the purpose of preserving the contents of whatever you are applying to your face. Make sure you avoid alcohols in your aftershave so you will not feel extreme irritation or that annoying burning sensation that comes out of it, thus keeping you from enjoying the benefits of shaving as much as you should.

Keep the Aftershave On Properly

You might have to add your aftershave in layers to make sure you’re going to stay smooth and comfortable. Your skin may start to take in aftershave rather quickly, thus making it harder for you to keep your skin from feeling healthy or vibrant.

You will need a bit of extra assistance to make your skin feel right. Make sure you add a layer of aftershave and then take in a second layer to ensure that it’s not too hard for you to keep yourself covered properly.

Clean Out Any Shaving Materials

Watch for the shaving materials that you are working with. Always clean out the razor, blade or anything you have to use while shaving. This is to see that you’re going to have something that is clean and will not wear out or become far too dull. This should help you protect yourself from any problems that come from your razor or blade being weak. If you can do this properly then it should be easier for your skin to feel its best.

Check For a Styptic Pencil

A styptic pencil is a material that will help you control any cuts that might come about. This typically features an astringent that will dry up and seal off cuts that might show up after shaving. This can work well so the bleeding that might come from a cut will stop quickly.

You may want to wait a few minutes after the pencil is applied to wash off the material. The bleeding should have stopped by then. This is to clear out any white residue that might appear on your skin.

Make sure you always take care of the pencil as well. You may have to dampen it with cold water to make it work at first. Also, this needs to be washed off after each use to keep blood particles from sticking around and making it harder for the skin to feel comfortable.

Avoid Overly Hot Water

While you might think that hot water can help to clean off many materials that might be all around your skin after you are done shaving, you need to be very careful when doing so. The problem that comes with shaving this way is that hot water can actually irritate the skin.

If you stick with cool water then it might be easier for your skin to feel healthy and comfortable. Cool water will refresh your skin and take away from the sting that can come about after you are done shaving.

Avoid Rubbing When Drying

It’s important to dry your skin off after shaving but if you rub your skin when doing so then you will feel extremely irritated. Don’t bother rubbing your skin when you’re trying to clean yourself odd. If you rub your skin then you will only add to the irritation that comes from shaving.

Pat dry your skin with a soft towel when you are done. This will take in the water on your face while keeping your skin from feeling extremely irritated. A clean and dry soft towel will especially work without creating more dampness so be sure that you avoid using anything that has already been used for any reason if you want to keep your skin relaxed.

Your skin is important to you. Make sure you take care of it after you are done shaving so it will stay refreshed and smooth.



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