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6 Things To Consider When Choosing an Electric Head Shaver

6 Things To Consider When Choosing an Electric Head Shaver

You might be amazed at the extensive variety of electric head shavers that are out there for you to choose from these days. These electric head shavers can work wonders for your needs as they can give you the finest cuts possible. Even with this in mind, you have to be careful when choosing such a unit. There are many points worth exploring today when it comes to choosing electric head shaver options that you know can be useful for your head.

Is It Flexible?

If you can find a unit with many flexible shaving heads then you will certainly have a good choice to work with. A flexible unit can come with many cutters that will adjust themselves and contour themselves to different parts of your scalp.

That is, the pivoting features will allow the unit to glide seamlessly over the scalp without worrying about problems relating to the hair being caught in your razor or having to lift it up and re-position the unit based on an angle. The SkullShaver Bald Eagle Pro, for instance, has five rotary cutters with four of them being on corners and capable of bending and flexing as demanded.

How Does the Motor Work?

The motor on such a shaver needs to be designed to where it will use plenty of rotations. A unit that works at up to 10,000 RPM is always worthwhile because it means that the unit can handle shaving activities quickly and will clear out the hair with ease. This is thanks to the intense functions that the razor can work with.

How Is the Blade Made?

A blade in an electric shaver will clearly be housed in a secure spot to keep it from harm and to ensure that you will get a good shave every time you use it. In some cases you might find adjustable blades but in other cases you might find options with guards that can be a few millimeters in length. Make sure you compare the options out there to see if there are choices to use that can manage your individual demands for getting your hair shaved right.

How Is the Handle?

A handle needs to be designed with an easy to use body. It needs to features a simple series of curves that will be conducive to the way how you handle it. Specifically, anything that helps you keep a steady grip on the unit will be worthwhile. A good example of this can be found in the ergonomic and lightweight SkullShaver Bald Eagle Pro.

Does the Battery Work?

The battery on the unit needs to be analyzed with care as well. Batteries for such shavers can include bodies that are sturdy and will not easily overheat. Anything that lets you charge the shaving unit itself inside a convenient base or hub will be worthwhile too. Find something that fits in with the needs you hold and you will have a very easy time with getting the shaving process to work for you.

The amount of time the battery will be good for before it can be recharged should not be too much of a concern to think about. You should find a unit that can be housed in its battery charger and kept upright so the heads will not be hurt. That should protect the unit while keeping the battery consistently charged and ready for anything.

Wet or Dry?

Many of today’s electric shavers can handle wet shaves. That is, the scalp will be wet as you glide a unit along it. This should make for an easy to handle shave.

Some shavers will go one step beyond and handle dry shaves. This typically entails a little extra effort and in some cases faster blades but it can help with getting a quick touch-up taken care of.

Anything that lets you take care of the wet or dry shave with a simple cleaning process will be worthwhile too. You can find many options that will allow you to shave more hair and keep from having far too much debris in any space.

You should certainly consider a good electric head shaver for your needs when finding a smart option for getting your needs met. A quality shaver will really do well for you if you can just find the best choice based on all of these parameters.



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