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7 Sensible Head Shaving Tips You Must Use

7 Sensible Head Shaving Tips You Must Use

A fully-shaved head can be more than just a sign of masculinity. It can also look great if you just work hard enough to get your head shaved right.

Of course, it can also work if you are balding and you don’t want to look any older than you really are. You might be surprised at how youthful you might appear to be if you shave your head. Even with this in mind, you need to put in a strong effort into the process of actually shaving your head and making it look its best.

There are several critical steps that you need to use so it will be easier for you to get the most out of a good shaved head. These entail not only getting the shave right but also knowing what has to go into the process or actually getting a great shave.

Shave At the Right Time

You have to make sure you take a careful look at your head before you try to shave it. Don’t bother shaving your head if your hair is far too long. Instead, try to trim your hair down to a shorter length. You can do this progressively until the hair gets short enough to where it will be much easier for you to shave it all off.

The best time to shave your head will be when your hair is about a quarter of an inch in length. This should be short enough to where you can get your razor to pass through without any irritation. It also ensures that you don’t have to use far too many passes to shave and therefore waste more time than what might be necessary for your shaving demands.

Wait Until After a Shower

It will be much easier for you to shave your head after you are done taking a shower. This will be the time when the scalp is soft and easily malleable. You will be less likely to hurt yourself if you shave it at this point.

Work With a New Razor

You must never use a razor that you have used in the past when shaving your head. Only use a new razor as it will give you the closest shave possible. It will require fewer passes over your scalp as well. This will ensure that you can get the smoothest shave possible.

A good pair of balding clippers is a great way to prime your head for using a razor blade. The Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Series Balding Clipper would do an excellent job. There are also several other products on the market that can get remarkably close to the skin. If you don’t mind a small amount of stubble, you could use them all the time instead of shaving your head with a razor. But if you love the clean look of shaving your head totally bald, then you’ll have to use a razor blade.

Use Sensitive Skin Materials

A good shaving cream can be ideal for your needs when you are trying to shave your head. However, you need to avoid using just any option. You have to stick with an option that is appropriate for sensitive skin. Use something that is easy for the scalp to handle. Avoid using anything that has lots of fragrances or additives in it as well.

Start Near the Front

The hair at the front part of the head near the face is always the thinnest and therefore the easiest spot on the head to shave off. This spot should therefore be done first so you can get in the groove of things while shaving. It’s also to prepare the rest of the head as needed.

It will take a bit for any shaving cream or other type of lubricant to get into the back parts of the scalp where the hair is a little thicker. Therefore, this spot should be taken care of last.

Use Upward Strokes

It will be easier for you to shave your head if you use a series of upward strokes when doing so. They can get more of the grain and also keep you from struggling with having too many particles or bits of hair left over after you are done shaving.

Always Moisturize When Done

You should moisturize the scalp after you are done shaving. A moisturizer can help you keep the irritation that might come about from shaving from being worse than it could be. Don’t forget to have plenty of clean water on hand.

It can take a bit of trial and error for you to get a properly-shaved head but if you just put in a good amount of effort then you can find that it is not going to be all that hard for you to get the most out of it. Make sure you do your best and work hard when finding a way to get your head shaved the right way and with care.



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