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Beard Maintenance: The Art of Manscaping

Beard Maintenance: The Art of Manscaping

If you have ever come across the term manscaping and never seem to know what it’s all about, well today you are in luck. This is an elaborate procedure through which you get to maintain your beard. One of the reasons why this is important today is because of the fact that the beard is one of the visible features on a man that gives him that masculine feeling and appearance which is commonly associated with separating the boys from the men.

Every other man who keeps a beard is often faced with a number of challenging options:

1. Remove it all together
2. Keep the beard, allowing it a natural growth
3. Trim and shape the beard

Of course for a lot of people, getting rid of the beard seems like a very good and especially viable option, considering the fact that it can become too messy, wild and give you a hard time with maintenance. On the other hand, keeping the beard will definitely give an individual that caveman classic appearance, one which a lot of people tend to shy away from, or some love but for a variety of reasons.

However, the third and most important option, trimming and shaving the beard is a more realistic option, because it does not only allow you to keep a neat and clear beard, it will also allow you the ability to establish a unique look of your own, an identity to be precise. It is this element of beard maintenance that is colloquially referred to as manscaping.

Even before we consider delving deeper into the entire process, it is important to have at hand a number of items which will definitely come in handy at all times.

The most important item is a pair of scissors, a facial hair brush or a beard comb (otherwise called a wide toothed comb), or a trimmer (clippers) for your beard. Of these alternatives, it would b advisable to get the beard trimmer to use, because it is very easy to use, while at the same time it allows you the chance to do a neat job.

Using a pair of scissors is especially handy when you have a really long beard to deal with. Perhaps the challenge for a lot of people in this situation is that it becomes so hard to be consistent, taking into consideration the fact that for most people, evenly cutting hair is a big problem, and they are not in a good position to define or style it appropriately.

Should you choose to go with a pair of scissors, it would be wise to ensure that you use none but the recommended professional scissors. Such are the types that are specifically designed for cutting hair….though they are more expensive than beard trimmers.

Maintenance process

Always wait for the beard to grow and finish growing before you can think of maintenance. The main reason for this is because it makes it easier to avoid the beard looking uneven once you have trimmed it.

Even before you start working on your beard, make sure that you know ahead of time what you want it to look like. This will give you an easier time with styling, than someone who does not have an idea beforehand.

Every other time when you take a shower, shampoo the beard, but at the same time, make sure that you get it dried properly before you think of trimming it to an appropriate fit. One of the reasons why you should never think of trimming your beard when it is wet is because when the beard is still wet, it normally appears to be longer than it really is, as a result of which you could end up cutting it shorter than you may have anticipated.

Make use of the beard comb to comb the hair in the direction of hair growth a few times, to ensure that all of the hairs on your beard are aligned in the same direction. This will also go so far in as far as easing your trimming process is concerned.

In the event that you are using a pair of scissors, first comb the section that you are looking to trim, making sure that you get the comb moving in a direction further from your face. After doing that, you can then cut off the hairs that are popping through the teeth of the comb. This is a procedure that a lot of barbers use from time to time.

In the event that you are using a beard trimmer however, you do not necessarily need to do the above, because you will only need to have the protective guards on.

Finally, always remember to trim your beard in small bits. Do not be in a rush to trim it all away at once, because if you make a mistake, you may have to lose the entire beard.


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