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Beard styles to rock through the year

Beard styles to rock through the year

There are different beard styles that you can rock, virtually for every season of the year. In the event that you are a keen individual, you will come to realize that there is so much potential for your beard than you may have perhaps come to realize yet. Ardent beard growers have been able to grow their beard intermittently between winter and spring, and there are different variations of beard types that have always come in handy. Indeed there is so much that you can do with the beard, and to be precise, there is a lot of room for experimenting. However in as much as experimenting could be a very good way to learn what works for you and what doesn’t, at times it helps if you really know what you are looking for. Herein are some beard styles that you can try working on throughout the year.



A La Souvarov Moustache

A La Souvarov

This is a combo of the sideburn and the moustache wherein the former is made to curve downwards at the corner of the mouth, and finally curved back up again to combine with the mustache. If you are familiar with the Franz Josef, this is but a curvier remake of the popular style.

Anchor Beard Style


This one comes without the sideburns. The beard is extended alongside the jawline wherein you will then style it into a point. It is referred to as an anchor because of the fact that you get to combine it with a pencil style moustache, which makes it look like an anchor.

Balbo Beard

The Balbo

The Balbo is one of the most common beard styles that you will ever come across in the world today. It is but an iteration of the goatee, though the moustache is unconnected unlike in the case with the goatee.

Cantinflas MustacheThe Cantinflas

This style carefully resembles the toothbrush. The moustache has to ends just like any ordinary moustache, though there is no hair under the nose. Every piece of the moustache will extend just under the corner of the mouth in a slight manner, so that it does not become overbearing.

Chin Curtain Beard Style

Chin Curtain

The moustache in this beard is made in such a manner that it grows downwards, starting from the sideburns, and running all along the jawline. In this style, the chin is completely covered hence the name chin curtain, and in some places, you will find it being referred to as the Lincolnic.

Chin Strap Beard StyleChin Strap

This beard is grown under the jawline, though it starts from the sideburns, and flows in a downward direction.

Chin Puff Beard Style

Chin Puff

This is another popular remake of the goatee, with the main difference being the fact that it only covers the round section of the chin.

Copstash Standard Moustache

Copstash Standard

Perhaps the name would betray the origin of this type of beard. It is very common with military and police personnel. Though the moustache can seem to extend downwards in most cases, it never goes beyond the upper lip.

There are also a few people who manage to make the moustache curl upwards, and nearly straight. In the event that you happen to be an enthusiast for Salvador Dali the artist, you have a very good idea what this one is all about.

Ducktail Beard


The structure of the ducktail is in such a manner that it is a fuller beard and it essentially extends into a point.
El Insecto Beard Style

El Insecto

In this style there are two spall pieces of hair which are woven underneath your chin, and when you have a good look at them, you will realize the closest resemblance that they share with an insect’s mandibles.

English MustacheEnglish Mustache

The English moustache is a classic, one of the finest beard styles that have made it through the ages. In this one, the moustache is long and thin, being pulled from the mid of the upper lip to the side. Incredibly enough the tips are waxed and worn without having to use any curl.

English Mustache with GoateeEnglish Mustache with Goatee

This borrows from the conventional English moustache, with the modification being the fact that the goatee is unattached.

Federation Standard Style

Federation Standard

The sideburns in this case are cut starting at the top of the ear at 45 degrees to the front side, wherein they will form a point. Fans of Star Trek will find this to be a style that is pretty obvious.

The Franz-Josef Beard Style

Franz Josef

Franz Josef is also one of the all-time classics, having been around for ages now. It borrows so much from the “friendly chops”, and is essentially a sideburn/moustache combo. The sideburns stream down at an acute angle, and then there is a sharp curve toward the moustache.

French Fork Beard Style

French Fork

This is one of the easiest full beards that you can ever grow. It starts from the chin, and extends further, splitting at the middle into two pairs.

Friendly Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops (Friendly)

These are essentially sideburns which are connected to the moustache, and extend to the edge of the mouth.


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