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Beginner guide to growing a beard

Beginner guide to growing a beard

If you are a beginner, you have to read this. Growing your beard is no easy task. If you have matured at the process of growing your beard, you will still find this coming in handy – you may learn about one or two mistakes that you may have made earlier on, and you never know, you might just find some useful knowledge to impart to your son sometime in the future. Ladies, well, you too can read…you may pick up a thing or two to nudge the man in your life into the right direction


People often say how hard it is to stay committed to some relationships, well, staying in a relationship with the beard is one of the most enduring relationships that you will ever get into. Like we have mentioned earlier on, growing a beard is no easy task. There are times when you may go through a lot, you may get so frustrated and wish you would shave them off and call it a day, but never forget that only when you are determined will you ever be able to grow the perfect beard.

During the early stages when you are growing your beard, you have to be dedicated to the cause. Of course you will hardly ever go a day without someone quirking in a remark about your beard, especially friends and family members, but never forget that in the long run, it will all be worth the effort.

In as much as you will be committed to the cause, there are times when you have to look up to and open up to the possibility of failure. This is especially so when genetics decides to play a terrible joke on you. There are individuals that are not so blessed with the ability to grow a large beard, because they do not have the genes in them. On the other hand, you may come across chaps who are able to grow a beard in a number of weeks, while for others it could take months, even a year before they ultimately get that perfect look. When it comes to genetics, well, there is not so much that you can do about that, unless of course you are financially endowed to go for genetic reengineering, for which case you may be well out of the league for this piece.

For those who are wondering, it may take you at least a few weeks for your beard to grow, in the event that your DNA makeup is not playing any games on you. Apart from that, some people have experienced tremendous growth patterns after shaving off their beard, it’s like if you shave it off, they come back growing rapidly like you added some fertilizer on their roots.

When should you start?

There is no appropriate time wherein you will have to start growing your beard. As a matter of fact, you can start growing your beard whenever you feel you are ready for you. Most people normally start it during the winter while quite a number start the trend when they are away from work, on vacation.

The truth is that everyone has their perfect time to start growing, or rather, everyone has a unique trigger that will make them start growing the beard. It never really matters when you want to start, unless of course you have a good reason to start it at a particular time or date in your life.

The biggest mistake that you will ever make with regard to growing your beard and a costly one too, is trying to shape or trim the beard sooner than necessary. Once you have started growing your beard, try and give it 6-8 weeks before you consider shaping it the way you want. Facial hair must be allowed to flourish before you can think in terms of trimming the hair, or giving it that shape you have always dreamt of.

Why should you wait this long?

There are good reasons why you need to wait this long before you consider cutting your beard. First of all, before it grows through this duration, it will be impossible for you to know how long it can grow, and as a result you may end up trimming away too much of the beard.

Waiting for so long also allows you enough time to monitor the behavior of your beard. You may come to realize that some parts of your face may fill up well while others may not. For this reason, try and allow your beard enough time to grow before thinking about that shape you want, and you will definitely have an easier time with it, instead of starting so confidently and having your beard in the bathroom sink within a short time.


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