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Best 1950s Fashion Men are Wearing Today

Best 1950s Fashion Men are Wearing Today


The 1950s was a pivotal era for fashion and style. The very first rock stars were setting trends that would last all the way up until today. Celebrities like Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Marlon Brando showed people what it was like to be cool and their image spread like wildfire.

The resurgence of 1950s fashion today comes as no surprise because trends tend to cycle in and out and back in again. You don’t exactly need to wear a white tee-shirt with a cigarette pack rolled up in the sleeve or a leather jacket with black sunglasses to embrace the 50s style. With one of these stylish haircuts, you will be able to harness the great 1950s fashion men forgot about until recently.

Slicked Back Side Part

Sean Connery - Slicked Back Side Part

This is a simple side part that is slicked back in the front, but Sean Connery looked so cool wearing it as James Bond. He wasn’t the one who pioneered this style by any means, but 007 was unquestionably one of the most memorable. In fact, current James Bond actor Daniel Craig can be seen wearing this style today.

Poofed-Up and Slicked Back

Elvis Presley - Poofed-Up and Slicked Back

Elvis Presley is clearly the inspiration for what Bruno Mars is popularizing now, a poofed-up approach to slicking your hair back. With this hairstyle, your hair stands high and attracts attention. It’s a charismatic style that adds character to anyone who wears it. Looking like the King of Rock and Roll is a good thing.

Rockabilly Hair

Johnny Depp - Rockabilly Hair

Rockabilly definitely has a huge influence on hair fashion right now. It’s a 1950s fashion men today are borrowing from, whether they know it or not. It was one of the first popular men’s haircuts that was done up big, loud and with plenty of grease. The music that inspired this funky hair-doo may not be popular anymore, but the fashion of rockabilly lives on.

The James Dean

James Dean

Celebrities like Zayn Malik can be seen wearing this hairstyle. A common variation of this hair-doo is to shave the sides and back very short. James Dean’s super cool attitude made this a very popular haircut is the 50s, and it still is today, although with a modern twist.



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