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Braun CoolTec Men’s Solo Shaver Review

Braun CoolTec Men’s Solo Shaver Review


If you’re looking for a unique electric shaver that is specifically designed for an irritation-free shave, then the Braun CoolTec might just be the shaver for you. The Braun CoolTec features the world’s first ever active cooling system. This innovation changes the entire experience of shaving.

For men with sensitive skin who experience irritation with other shavers, the Braun CoolTec’s cooling system may just be the solution. Here’s a thorough breakdown of the features of this one of a kind shaver.

Innovative Active Cooling Technology


The electro ceramic cooling system works surprisingly well. The cooling effect is not a gimmick. It does actually help ease irritation caused by the razor. This is accomplished by an aluminum cooling bar that soothes your skin as it passes over it along with the razor. The cooling bar can be seen clearly when the head is removed. It’s a solid rectangular metal bar that protrudes out from the center of the razor.

The razor can be used without the cooling function, as there’s a separate button to switch it on and off during use. Cooling takes approximately 45 seconds to take effect once you press the blue button. The cooling function drains the battery fairly quickly, so if you’re going to bring it with you on a trip, you might want to switch off cooling. If you have sensitive skin, consider bringing a good gel with you so you can wet shave instead of relying on the cooling bar to soothe your skin.

Charging Stand Included

There is a somewhat bulky charging stand that unfortunately must be used instead of being able to plug the charging cord directly into the shaver. This poses a bit of a problem if you’re trying to pack light, so if it’s a short trip and you want to leave the charging stand at home, avoid using the cooling function to conserve battery life.
The stand comes in two pieces. If you want to have you razor lay down on its side while charging, simply disconnect the piece that props it all up. You could leave that part at home to save space if you need to.

SensoBlade Technology

There are two independent cutting elements that form each edge of the razor. The two separate elements allow effective maneuvering around problem areas like the chin, jaw line and upper lip. The straight shape of the razor makes it easier to touch up your side burns than a Norelco for example. The CoolTec also features super thin foils with specially designed patterns allow a close very shave.
This is nothing new from Braun. Braun has a wide variety of razors that offer a close shave with SensoBlade technology. If you’ve used any of them then you should know they are quite good. Afterall, Braun isn’t one of the top electric shaver brands in the world for no reason.

Three Ways to Clean

Braun CoolTec ShaverYou have three different ways to clean the Braun CoolTec, the Braun clean and charge station, the cleaning brush that is included with the Braun CoolTec or by rinsing it under water. The Braun three-action alcohol-based charge and clean station is sold separately or together with the shaver in a combo pack. It takes about one hour to fully charge your CoolTec shaver. Once fully charged, the CoolTec is good for around 45 minutes of use. The clean and charge station gives your shaver a more thorough cleaning than simply rinsing it with water. It also lubricates your shaver’s blades after each cycle.

Wet and Dry Shaver

The Braun CoolTec is a wet and dry shaver, so you can use it in the shower. As a general rule, it is recommended that you use your electric shaver before showering, but you can hit two birds with one stone by bringing the CoolTec with you when you bathe. It’s waterproof for up to five meters, so you never need to worry about water getting inside.

Includes Retractable Trimmer

Braun CoolTec

The pop-up clipper does a fairly good job at cutting down moustaches and sideburns. It’s sufficient, but not the best trimmer. It’s rather small and flimsy. It is just an add-on trimmer though, so one should curb their expectations and not judge the shaver based on that feature.

Includes carrying case and Safety Lock for Traveling

The safety lock is very convenient. To turn the lock off, you simply hold down the power button for three seconds. The CoolTec also comes with a hard carrying case that protects it.

The CoolTec is made in Germany, but is designed for US voltage. For other countries, you should use a voltage converter. It’s a bit heavy in the hand due to the inclusion of the cooling system. It includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The price for the CoolTec is about $85.

Trying it Out for the First Time

The CoolTec’s creative design makes it unique. It’s an invention of its own, a cooling shaver with integrated soothing technology. If you’ve never tried anything like it before, then you’re in for a surprise. The cooling mechanism works quite well at easing the abrasive effect that shaving has on your skin. After using the CoolTec for a while and then trying a razor without cooling technology, you’ll miss the cooling sensation of the CoolTec. It will feel like something is missing from the shaving process.

Especially after or during a really hot shower, this shaver feels very nice on your face. Contrasting the temperatures allows you to feel the soothing effect even more, and it’s quite refreshing. Although the cooling technology may seem like a bit of a novelty, it really is an effective way to mitigate the effects of shaving on your skin and reduce irritation. Besides, it’s always nice using something that is unique, and the Bruan CoolTec definitely is.


  • Cooling technology works great
  • SensoBlade design gives you a very close shave
  • Waterproof, can be used in the shower
  • Has a good safety lock for traveling


  • The pop-up trimmer isn’t as good as you might hope
  • It’s rather heavy compared to other shavers
  • Cooling technology drains the battery fast
  • Charging cable only plugs into the stand, not the shaver

All in all, the Braun CoolTec is provides an interesting shaving experience that is enjoyable due to its unique cooling action. If you have sensitive skin and are looking for something new, try the Braun CoolTec.





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