Home Expert Advice Choosing between electric and normal beard shavers
Choosing between electric and normal beard shavers

Choosing between electric and normal beard shavers


In as far as personal grooming is concerned there are different types of shavers, sheers, cutters, scissors and a host of equipment that are used for personal grooming. Quite a number of these equipment these days are multipurpose, while some are specific to the task that they are supposed to do. Grooming for the modern day man is not easy. This is because there is always a spotlight cast on the individual and woe unto you if you happen to make one simple mistake.

The electric beard shaver is one of the most unique equipment that you will come across in this industry – it is designed only for one purpose, maintenance of large beards. When you compare this with the traditional razors, you will notice quite a difference in the utility. The traditional beard will actually come in handy for you when you want to keep your face, legs and arms clean and free of hair but when it comes to your beard, they are not as effective.

It is not so common to come across the sight of a full grown beard today, though they have been making quite the comeback slowly. In the event that you are planning to grow your beard to full length, you will need heavy duty equipment to ensure that you are able to take care of them appropriately.

There is a resemblance between the hair on your beard and the hair on your head, with the fact that the longer you keep the hair, the thicker and tougher it gets. Therefore in the event that you are looking to properly maintain your hair, you will need heavy duty blades to keep your beard in check. There are some really simple principles under which the equipment such as the basic electric razor operate. The difference between the high duty equipment and the average electric razors is the fact that they combine the conventional functions of the razors, and a bit more power than normal.

The other thing that you will also come to notice about them is the fact that their design can from time to time be complicated especially when we consider the fact that the amount of work that they are tasked with handling from time to time is not possible with the average models. Therefore it is rather mandatory that this kind of equipment has to be sturdy, durable and very efficient.

When you are planning on modifying or removing a large beard, you will also come to realize that it is not necessarily as simple as shaving your face of the beards. The difference between doing this and shaving your face is that when shaving, you will basically be removing hair that is not necessarily longer than an inch. However, when you are planning to handle a beard, and a fully grown beard for that matter you are probably looking at something that’s between 6 and 18 inches in length, or in some special cases, much longer than this.

For the average razor, this kind of hair will definitely tangle in the blades, and can even make it difficult for them to operate normally. This is also the case with the disposable razors that are easily accessible from anywhere in online stores. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is because of the fact that such blades are not usually sharp enough to deal with the root cause of the problem. It is for this reason therefore that you need to ensure that you have the right equipment for the right task.

Electric beard shavers are the perfect solution for such a problem, taking into consideration the fact that they are normally designed with steel blades which will definitely come in handy when taking care of your beard. It does not necessarily have to sound as barbaric as some might make it out to be, but it is so efficient.

They have very tiny blades, but these blades are very efficient. They may be tiny in size, but the strength and the force with which they sheer at the beard makes it easier to accomplish the task in record time. Apart from that their minute size also makes it close to impossible for the hair to gum up the motor on the shaver.

As soon as you have your beard at the desired length, all you need to do is to stop, get a finer trim and style the beard in whichever way that you see fit. Remember that complete removal of the beard does not mean that you have to trim the beard all the way to your face in the event that you are using a beard shaver.

Using such a device would only deliver undesirable results, so the next time you are planning on choosing a shaver, consider the points above.



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