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Grooming and maintaining your beard

Grooming and maintaining your beard

Many are the times when we have heard that you can tell an individual’s personality by having a look at their beard. The truth behind this is subject to different opinions, but then again the most important thing is that a neat beard will certainly get you noticed. For years now a lot of fashion styles have come and gone, some have been reinvented over the years, but the one thing that has never grown out of fashion is growing the beard – it never dies!

Over the past few years there has been quite the resurgence of beard growth among the modern guys, with a lot of those who had once opted to go for the clean shaven chins now coming out and growing a beard. Perhaps this can also be attributed to some of the online campaigns that have since seen a lot of people grow beards. With the resurgence comes the need for proper maintenance of the beard especially since a lot of guys do live really busy lives, the result of which maintaining the beard can be a very big problem. Herein are some useful tips that will help you get your beard properly maintained, irrespective of the amount of time that you have at your disposal.

Growing the perfect beard

Different individuals have different sprouting levels when it comes to growing a beard. Rest assured that the first few weeks will definitely be challenging, and for some people, the worst days of their beard growing cycle. Some people might even think that you are getting too lazy to spare some time for a clean shave. In order to make it clear that you are not too lazy but are looking to grow a beard, get some time and trim away the hairs that often sprout around your neck. For this you will need a high performance trimmer or a fresh blade. Use a beard wash to deal with the resulting itch.

Trimming the beard

In as much as trimming might be something that you would often leave to professionals or your barber, it would be best if you learned how to trim your own front. A trimmer or a specific type of professional scissors will come in handy. However, only attempt this if you are sure that you can handle it on your own. In the event that you have even the slightest doubt, do not risk it, visit your favorite barbershop and speak to them about it. Let them do it for you.

For those who opt for a DIY method around this, the first step is to purchase the correct set of equipment that you will use for the task. It is often recommended that you go with professional barber scissors. For those who use beard trimmers, try and get one that is cordless and rechargeable. A moustache comb and a wide toothed comb must also be in your tool box. Finally, make sure that you have a magnifying mirror and a three-way mirror.

Combing your beard

When it comes to combing your beard ensure that you are combing through your hair strands, in the process cutting only the hair that protrudes outside the comb. For those who are doing this for the very first time, be very keen and careful when cutting, because you do not want to cut your beard more than you are supposed to. The easiest way for you to go about this, would be to start combing from your ears and work your way lower to the chin. In the event that you do have a moustache, start working on the moustache, and make sure that it is neat before you move to the beard.

The moustache must always be combed downwards. In as far as trimming the moustache is concerned always ensure that you trim it from the middle, laterally moving towards the side of your mouth.
The best thing about using a beard trimmer is that in most cases they come with a trimming guide which is not only removable, but you can also adjust it accordingly. This will therefore help you when you are trying to get that perfect and even trim.

Remember that before you start using the guide, you will have to ensure that you properly comb your beard, then use the guide as desired, to ensure that you can keep it at the measurement level that you have set. In the event that you have been successful with getting your beard to the desired level already, understand that a trimmer will always be the perfect tool for you instead of a pair of scissors. Always ensure that when you are trimming, the neckline for your beard has to be properly defined.

If you follow these simple instructions, there is not so much that should worry you when it comes to grooming and maintaining your beard.


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