Home Expert Advice Grooming the modern day male: How to use a beard trimmer effectively
Grooming the modern day male: How to use a beard trimmer effectively

Grooming the modern day male: How to use a beard trimmer effectively


Times have changed, and the modern day man has come to evolved and appreciate the need to make a good impression. Nothing helps someone make a good impression than the facial appearance, and it is for this reason that you need to pay more attention to the basic grooming tips. Indeed grooming can consume a lot of time, especially if you do not know how the right way to go about it. The simplest solution for anyone is to learn how to grow a neat beard so that you no longer have to worry about spending so much time in the morning working on your beard.

With a good beard trimmer, it is very easy for you to prevent your facial hair from getting out of hand. Just as is the case with any hairstyle, it is important for you to ensure that you pay close attention to your facial hair, one of the main reasons why you have to get a very good trimmer for effectiveness and efficiency.

How much is too much?

Before you start growing a beard, you will need to determine how much of your face you are looking to cover. Before making this decision, anything else that you do will basically be flawed. While thinking about this, it may also be worthy for you to consider the type of beard that you would love to grow. Are you looking for a full beard, a goatee or something else? Your choice will greatly determine how to proceed with growing your beard.

Once you have made up your mind on the type of beard that you want to grow, the secret is to allow the beard grow in while trimming the outside outline of the beard. This way you can allow the style you want to take shape over time.

While allowing the facial hair to grow in for a number of days, you will need to start trimming from the other parts of the face. In order to get a good outline, ensure that you get a good trimmer to start and maintain this outline. This will also be a very good idea when you are still trying to find out what works best for the shape of your head. After you have done all that, you can have a shave close enough on the outside, and make sure that you trim your beard appropriately so that it is within a good length that you can manage.

Tidying the edges

You will need to be very patient with your beard as it gets through this process. Even while it is still growing in, you have to remember to trim it as often as possible to keep it neat. You may have to do this every 2-3 days. For an even shave, remove the guard off when using the trimmer, and never make the mistake to neglect the regions right underneath your neck. As a rule of thumb, always shave in the direction wherein your hair is naturally growing.

Just because you are growing your beard does not necessarily mean that you should leave it unkempt until it is fully grown and then start worrying about how to handle the situation. Always ensure that you have shampoo and conditioner to keep the beard soft. You have to be gentle while doing this, and ensure that treating your beard is an important part of ale grooming, a regular routine that you have to take care of every other day.

Of utmost importance is the need to keep the young growing beard clean at all times. Every other day we go through rigorous schedules and in the process the face attracts a lot of dirt. For this reason you have to ensure that you can clean it up and keep it tidy.

Choosing and using your beard trimmer

Before you get a beard trimmer, it is important for you to make sure that you have a trimmer that will deliver the right length setting for you. For this reason you can purchase a trimmer that has adjustable length settings. After adjusting the length appropriately, ensure that you shave in the right direction.

You should always use long and smooth strokes to allow you the chance to get that perfect look you want. When you start shaving, remember the angle at which you are holding the trimmer to your skin, and keep it constant all through until you are done shaving.

When shaving, start from the side of the beard that rests below your ears, after which you will work your way slowly across your face. You must also remember to keep a professional pair of scissors at hand to keep any of the stray hairs at bay.


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