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How to choose beard oil

How to choose beard oil


Everyone knows the importance of beard oil; well, at least every other guy out there that has a properly maintained beard for that matter. Beard oil is important in the sense that it is the most important component to whichever beard growing strategy that you may have. For this reason therefore it is important that you get to know how to tell apart really good beard oil from beard oil that you should run away from.

Let’s face it, we live in a world where competition has become so rife, and with substandard imports coming into the country all over, and the ease with which purchases can be made online, it really is important to get the right products, not just for the sake of keeping a neat beard, but more so for proper healthy measures.

For those who have been lucky enough to sample quite a number, you will realize that a good beard oil is one that is able to moisturize the skin beneath your beard. It is not just about the moisturizing ability, but most importantly it is also about soothing the irritation that is normally associated with early growth. As a result of this, good beard oil is not just supposed to help you maintain your beard appropriately, but will also go so far in ensuring that the conditions are rife for you to grow a healthy beard.

One of the other features associated with good beard oil which perhaps a lot of people hardly ever take into consideration is the fact that beard oil helps in moisturizing and conditioning facial hair so that you do not need to worry about breakage and split ends. Perhaps an amazing benefit that you will also come to enjoy from using good beard oil is the fact that it adds an amazing smell to your beard, one that is so hard to let go of.

So, all these incredible benefits aside, how do you get to choose the perfect beard oil from the variety in the market?

Making the right choice

The first thing that you need to do when you are shopping around for beard oil is to look at the active ingredients that make up the oil. Always ensure that the oil you are choosing has non-comedogenic oils. These oils basically moisturize your beard without running the risk of clogged pores. At the same time, it is important to make sure that you stick to natural oils. Natural oils are efficient, and hardly ever get to irritate your skin as is the case with synthetic beard oils. Now that we know what to look for, let’s have a look at some of the most important ingredients.

Essential oils

This is but a very good addition with the effect of giving your beard that awesome smell. The awesome smell comes from the fact that these oils are basically obtained from plants like fir and cedar. Always try to stay away from beard oil that contains synthetic fragrance oils, or the ones which barely indicate the products that they use to attain the scent that they have embodied. When you are shopping around for good quality beard oil, you will notice that all the beard oils that are considered some of the best in the market usually have a list of the essential oils that make up their ingredients, or if this is not the case, they will have the terms “essential oil blend” written on the package.


Hair experts normally refer to this as liquid gold, and for a good reason too. Argan oil has the ability to penetrate the pores in facial hair, in the process stimulating the growth of your beard, while at the same time enhancing elasticity. There are natural antioxidants that are contained in Argan oil as active ingredients, which go so far in as far as strengthening your beard is concerned, and repairing cell membranes that may have been damaged. Argan oil also has the capacity to repair whichever damage that may have been brought about by synthetic chemicals which are commonly found in conditioners, shampoos and perfumed soaps that we get from stores.


This liquid wax ester contains no triglycerides, and as a result of this you do not have to worry about it becoming rancid within a very short period of time as is the case with grape-seed oil. Besides being non-comedogenic, jojoba is also non-allergenic, which means that it will never block your pores. In as far as the active ingredients that are contained in jojoba, there are useful nutrients like vitamins B and E, and a host of other minerals which go so far in stimulating the growth of your beard. With this simple advice, there is nothing that should come in between you and growing the perfect, healthy beard that you have always wanted.


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