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How to Remove Ear Hair

How to Remove Ear Hair

When you get older, hair starts to show up in weird places, in abundance. It’s just a fact a life. But there are ways you can combat these unwanted hairs, and keep them from sticking out all over the place.

There are plenty of different methods of removing unwanted ear hair. Some methods are more crude than others, but each of the methods described below is effective, and will make your ears clean and hair-free.


Panasonic ER-GN30-K nose and ear hair trimmer

There are plenty of inexpensive trimmers that will do a fine job, like the Panasonic ER-GN30-K nose and ear hair trimmer. It usually costs under $14 dollars, and will really do the trick, especially if the hair in and around your ears gets a bit bushy. The Panasonic trimmer has the power to hack off any amount of unwanted ear hair in a matter of moments. It operates on AA batteries, is easily portable and can be used wet or dry.

There are also other rechargeable units of course. Cleaning a trimmer is generally quick and easy. Most of them can simply be rinsed off after use. Overall, trimmers are a fast and convenient way to get rid of ear hair, but you need to use your trimmer often to keep those hairs from growing back.


TweezerIf your ear hair doesn’t grow in too thick, this is a pretty good option. A good hand mirror will help you get all the spots that are hard to see. Tweezing isn’t the most comfortable option, but it will tear the hairs out from the root, and keep them from coming back for a while. With tweezing, you do have the advantage of precision though. You can pinpoint one tiny hair on the crevice of your inner ear. That’s why tweezers will always have their place even if you primarily use other methods.


This method is mostly just good for the hair on the outside of the ear. Waxing will remove the hair entirely from deep into the root. Used in combination with one of the above methods, waxing will clean your ears right up. You can buy a small disposable home waxing kit for very cheap. It’s pretty convenient and doesn’t take long. It may be a bit painful though if you have a lot of hair.


This option is a bit more expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s very effective. Laser hair removal is meant to permanently damage the hair follicle and prevent or at least reduce hair that grows back. It involves a pulsating light that is directed at the root of the hair. You should consult a professional before attempting to have your hair lasered off though, as laser hair removal is not for everyone.


ElectrolysisThis is probably the best way to permanently get rid of hair. Just like laser hair removal, you need to go back for several different sessions in order to completely destroy the hair follicle and prevent it from growing back. The advantage of electrolysis is that anyone can use it, so you do not need to consult a professional to determine if it will be harmful to your skin or not.

Electrolysis is obviously more expensive than simply shaving or waxing your ear hair, but if you go through all of the cycles, you will not need to shave ever again. The very roots of your unwanted ear hairs will be destroyed and will no longer produce hair.


SingeingThis is not a very safe method, but some men swear by it, as all you need is a lighter. If you have very bushy ears, this may not be a good idea, but for hairs that are long and easy to reach, simply singeing them off is a quick and generally effective. You should be very careful if you attempt this though for obvious reasons.

These six methods for ear hair removal, or a combination of two or more of them should be all you need to take care of those pesky ear hairs that stick out from the sides of your head. Do be careful though, as you wouldn’t want to damage your ears when ridding them of hair.



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