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Infographic – How to Style Your Goatee

Infographic – How to Style Your Goatee

A goatee is a popular style of facial hair on your chin that often accompanies a mustache.

Not everyone can pull it off, but a goatee adds a lot of character to those who can. Feel like trying a new look?

Sporting a goatee the right way takes a certain amount of confidence and alot of attention to detail, because the goatee should be well-groomed.

  1. First, let the hair beneath your nose and around your mouth grow out a bit, but not too much. You don’t want it to be bushy.
  2. Second, carefully chip away the edges with a razor or beard shaver. Your goatee should not go past your smile lines. Be sure to be symettrical. No one likes a lopsided goatee. Using a fresh razor will help you shape your goatee more easily. The trimming tool on an electric razor is perfect for keeping your goatee looking tidy and clean. Make sure you shave in more than just one direction, as hair doesn’t all grow the same way. Your mustache should look sharp and neat, as well as the jawline.
  3. Next, the areas of your face that are not a part of your goatee should be kept closley shaved. The goatee itself should be trimmed at least once a week to ensure it looks best.
  4. Lastly, you should comb and wash your goatee with shampoo and conditioner regularly.

There are many different types of goatees. One of the most popular variations is circular, connecting the hair on your chin to your mustache as opposed to simply being a patch of chin hair. Your goatee should be about as wide as your lips. It might look awkard or uneven if it stretches any further.

Let’s talk about the different kind of goatees:

  • One stylish twist on the goatee leaves the mustache and chin hair unconnected, like Robert Downey Jr. It looks kind of like an upside down ‘T’.
  • The chin strap or chin curtain is when hair is grown along the jawline connecting to the patch of hair on the chin, and can be done with or without a moustache.
  • A soul patch is the small bit of hair that grows just below your bottom lip and can reach to the corners of your mouth. Shave all the rest off if you want to go for the rockstar look.
  • The Van Dyke is any kind of goatee that grows both the chin hair and moustache while completly shaving all hair on the cheeks.
  • The most traditional form of facial hair is of course the full beard. This style fits well on men with a soft jawline who may not quite be able to pull off the goatee.

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