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Most Outgoing Hairstyles for Men – Great for Parties or Dates

Most Outgoing Hairstyles for Men – Great for Parties or Dates

Men simply don’t have the amount of choices that women have when it comes to fashion. When it comes to formal affairs for example, a well-worn tux or suit is about all us guys can count on. Even when it comes to more casual settings, the choices of apparel are certainly less than what women have available. But you must remember that there is always one piece of your fashion that you can take with you to weddings, dates, parties, business settings, or anywhere else: your hairstyle.

For this reason, you need to start thinking of men’s hairstyles as fashion statements all on their own. They are the centerpiece of your looks, the make it or break it part of your whole get-up. No matter how snazzy your shirt or shoes may look, a bad haircut can ruin it. People will be looking at your face first and your hair is part of that. That’s just how human interaction works, especially in social settings.

Here are four great men’s hairstyles that are as ubiquitous as they are attractive. They’re known to work well with a variety of facial features and taste in clothes, so no matter who you are, you’ll probably find something below that works for you.

1. The Undercut

The UndercutEasily one of the most popular male hairstyles out there today. This one has been in fashion for a couple of years now and doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. This is a men’s hairstyle that strikes a great balance in many ways. It’s not too old or too new. It’s not too complicated but shows you care about your hygiene and looks. It works great in both formal settings and casual ones. It’s also hard to mess up with a hat, if haberdashery is your cup of tea.

This style works best with wider faces, but it’s still commonly featured on men with relatively thinner faces. Combing the front of your hair off to the side with the opposite end shaved gives it the stylistic simplicity and variety that has made it such a popular men’s hairstyle. It can easily be maintained by light conditioning, hair gel and simple combing. It’s generally moved to the right-side of your body but you can move it to your left if it better compliments your facial features or hairline.

You often see longer undercuts accompanied by men with thick mustaches or beards. It’s becoming a popular combo among male models and doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.

2. The Short Undercut

The Short UndercutThis is yet another very popular men’s hairstyle. As the name suggests, it’s a variation on the original undercut. This is a look that was perhaps best popularized by male celebrities like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt.

What distinguishes this from the regular undercut is the emphasis on parting the hair in one direction – backwards instead of to the side. You usually see both sides shaved or trimmed short, but if your hair is long enough, you can pull off just doing one.

It’s a very versatile cut that has been used to great success on men of varying ages, ethnicities and muscular builds.

This men’s hairstyle isn’t as dependent on hair gel as the previous one, but is still best maintained with some for extra stability and firmness.

3. Slicked-back Hair

Short Slicked HairHere’s the simplest look to acquire on our list and is a very no-nonsense kind of men’s hairstyle that can work with almost any kind of haircut. It has a bit in common with the shorter undercut as they both generally rely on the hair being combed to the back. Many men who get a haircut often transition from the short undercut to this slicked-back style.

There’s more versatility here than what meets the eye. Depending on your hairline you can part the hair in several directions. Wash your hair and comb it to the back with the finest comb you have. Styling cream or hair gel is very useful here to get it to stay in place.

Since this style is so easy to do it’s a great choice for people who don’t want to deal with much hair maintenance. It costs very little time to maintain on a daily basis, let alone for special nights when you’re going out with your date or your friends.

4. The Gruff Shaggy Look

The Shag StyleThis is the most difficult look to pull off on our list and only really works with longer than average hair, just above shoulder length or so. Jared Leto, Shia LaBoeuf and Jim Carrey have been known to rock this style lately.

Out of all of the men’s hairstyles on our list, this is the one that works best with facial hair – slight stubble or bigger, full grown beards.

Shaggy looks have a slight reputation for being associated with being unkempt. But the beauty of being able to pull this off is that you’re essentially telling the world “Yes, I still look this good even with a little messiness.”

The shaggy style is the most versatile of all four on our list. It’s very free-form so how much hair you want in front or parted in the back is up to you.

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Choose wisely among these four hairstyles to best match your face and style. You’ll be pleased with how quickly one of these styles can boost confidence.



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