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Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor

Merkur’s heavy duty double edge razor is made from stainless steel. This double edge safety razor is imported from Germany. It takes disposable razor blades that can easily be replaced. This traditional approach to shaving offers a unique shaving experience that more contemporary razors fail to achieve.

Traditional safety razors, as well as straight razors, offer a very close shave that the most modern triple or quad blade razors can’t quite accomplish. The added control of a single exposed blade really enables you to get every angle, and battle even the most stubborn hairs. There is also something to be said about using a traditional method of shaving. It’s a novelty that gives a feeling of pride in the act of shaving well with an “outdated” form of shaving. There is a very real advantage to using safety razors; not just that they’re cool to use (and they are), but they still hold their own in the shaving industry.

In this review, I’ll run through the pros and cons of the Merkur heavy duty double edge razor. If you’ve ever used a safety razor before you’ll have a good idea for how this razor feels. As mentioned before, wet shaving with a safety razor is quite different than cartridge shaving with a Gillette Mach 3 for example. First, I’ll run through the advantages of the Merkur heavy duty double edge razor.


The Merkur heavy duty double edge razor gives a very close shave. That’s to be expected with these kind of razors, and Merkur’s safety razor is no exception.

The razor has some heft to it. Its weight allows it to glide across your face with little to no pressure being applied. It’s very solid and feels quality.

The disposable double edged razors are cheap to replace. A disposable double edge razor can last anywhere from two to six shaves depending on your comfort level. A pack of cartridge razors is significantly more expensive. Though cartridge razors last longer, the overall value of disposable razors is higher when you compare the price per unit and how long they last.

The grip of the razor is nice. It won’t slip out of your hand easily.

It’s very durable and the overall build quality is high. It should last quite a long time if taken care of.

And now the disadvantages of the Merkur heavy duty double edge razor.


This short handle version of the Merkur heavy duty doesn’t offer as much control as the long handle version. An extended handle would be better unless you prefer a short handle for added portability. The longer handle would offer an advantage to those new to shaving with a safety razor.

This is less of a con and more of an overall warning about shaving with a safety razor: It is much easier to cut or nick yourself than with a cartridge razor or electric shaver. Just be very careful when using this product. The sharpness of the blades is actually an advantage, but if you don’t shave carefully, you will see some red spots.

Depending on how thick your facial hair is, it may take a bit longer to shave properly than using a cartridge or electric razor. Everyone’s face is unique, but for some, using this razor could be a slight time commitment. It just depends on the individual.



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