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Panasonic Arc4 Closer Look

Panasonic Arc4 Closer Look

If you are on the hunt for an affordable electric shaver that will give you the close shave you desire without breaking down on you, the Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 is one of the best options available right now.

Designed for wet and dry use

For starters, it is designed for wet and dry use. So, unlike many other similarly priced options, it doesn’t matter what type of shave you prefer since it can handle either. And, you are free to use a liquid or foam shaving cream if that’s your personal style.

The Arc4 also features special Nanotech blades that give you a closer, smoother results than you would expect to get from an electric shaver. It comes with a more efficient four-blade design, rather than the more common three-blade design you will find on older models.

What’s in the Panasonic Arc4 Box

The Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 does not include a charging and cleaning station, which has pretty much become standard when it comes to Panasonic facial hair trimming products. But all you have to do when it is time to recharge the Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 is connect it to the charger and you are good to go.

Also, there is no need to wait until it has charged up a bit before you can use it. The Arc4 is designed to work when plugged in regardless of how low the battery is. Cleaning is even easier because it’s water resistant. It can even be fully immersed under water without any issues. That means all you have to do when it’s time to clean your shaver is open up your faucet and put the shaver under running water. You can also immerse it in water if you prefer.

Let’s dive a bit further into the features of this power hand held device.

How it all works

30-Degree Nanotech Electronic Razor Blades

If you are wondering how this device is able to provide such a close cut, the credit goes to a couple of features. The four blades with nanotechnology that come with it, the special coating on those blades that keeps them sharp, the blades being positioned at a 30 degree angle, and a head that pivots, allowing the blades to move with the bumps and contours on your face.

A pop-up trimmer

It’s the combination of these same features that allow you to use the Panasonic ES8243A comfortably regardless of if you decide to go with a wet or dry shave. If you prefer to sport a beard, there’s a pop up beard trimmer that allows you to keep your beard nice and even. This unit eliminates the need for a separate pair of clippers to keep your beard tidy.

If you happen to travel a lot, you will appreciate how light and compact the Arc4 is. It weighs a little over six ounces and it can easily fit into one of the small compartments on your carry on.

So, where does all of the Arc4’s power to cut through even the thickest beards come from?

Panasonic Arc4 Razor

You can thank the linear Panasonic motor that operates at 13,000 rpm. That is a lot more powerful than your more traditional devices that are typically powered by motors that max out at around 10,000 rpm. The ultra-fast rotation of the blades certainly has something to do with the Panasonic ES8243A’s ability to consistently provide one of the closest cuts you can get with an electrically powered motor.

Another feature that certainly needs to be pointed out is the internal battery’s ability to hold charges for extended periods of time. On a full charge, it will retain its charge for at least 14 days. There is a display on this shaver’s side that lets you know how much juice you have left in it. This unit continues to operate at 13,000 rpm regardless of how much charge is left in it, unlike most others. Your typical traditional shaver loses power as the charge gets lower, so this is another feature that you will immediately notice when you use it.

There is also an LCD display that lets you know when it is time to clean it. That makes it easy to keep the Arc4 properly maintained, thus increasing its longevity.

There is also a turbo mode that increases the motor output to 17,000 rpm. That makes it easier for dirt and hairs to fall off the blades during cleaning.

With so many impressive features to showcase, it is safe to say the Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 is one of the most advanced electric shavers on the market right now.



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