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Panasonic Arc5: Fifth Blade Makes a World of Difference

Panasonic Arc5: Fifth Blade Makes a World of Difference

If you’ve ever used a Panasonic shaver before then you know that they are very good. Rivaled by few in quality and selection of models, Panasonic makes a huge variety shavers for all budgets. The Arc5 is one of their finest electric razors. By no means is it cheap, but with the Arc5, you definitely get your money’s worth.

What is the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor?

Panasonic Arc5 SetThe Arc5 gets its name from its five blade system and ability to ‘arc’ over the contours of your face. If you have a thick beard, then you know how difficult it is to use mid- to budget-range shavers when you haven’t shaved in three or four days. The pulling and dragging sensation makes you regret waiting so long to shave off your stubble. Even some expensive Braun and Philips shavers have this problem. But the Panasonic Arc5 was made for men with bushy, thick facial hair who might not want to use their shaver every single morning.

Why Panasonic’s 5 Blade Cutting System is Better than a 4 Blade Design

Panasonic’s five blade system is a huge improvement over the four blade system found in other Panasonic shavers. One pass will collect significantly more hair than with a four-blade shaver. The layout of the stainless steel blades consists of a ‘slit blade’ in the center for mowing over long stubble, and ‘quick lift foil’ blades on each side of the center blade. The quick lift blades act to lift stubble in order to cut it closer. The last two razors are the ‘outer finishing foils.’ These get closest to the skin and function well with the quick lift blades to give a close shave.

Panasonic Arc5 - Pivoting HeadThis type of layered cutting system allows for a fast and close shave. Having five blades really makes all of the difference. The Arc5 also has a very fast and powerful 14,000 CPM linear motor. Its multi-flex head swivels in all directions while still cutting close, so it performs well around the chin and neck. You might have to pass over the moustache area at a few different angles, but that’s part of using a rather large shaver with five blades.

If you’ve tried shavers with five or even four blades before, they can be compared to the likes of the Mach 3 in terms of what it did to the cartridge shaving industry in the late nineties. There were already two-blade razors being made by virtually every razor manufacturer, but once people tried the Mach 3 or another cartridge razor with three blades, they pretty much never went back. Shick Quattro has taken it a step further and now four-blade cartridge razors are more and more prevalent. The principle applies here.

Panasonic Arc5 Makes Shaving Faster

Panasonic Arc5 - BladesPanasonic Arc5 - High Speed MotorEspecially if you have course or very think facial hair, the Panasonic Arc5’s extra blade and overall build quality makes shaving so much faster and so much easier. You can quickly have a morning shave in the shower since it’s totally waterproof, and give your razor a quick cleaning on the spot in a only a few seconds. Alternatively, you can pop it into the auto cleaning kit if you have that. A wet shave will allow you to get closer as with any other razor. The lubrication from the soap and water helps the razor to glide over your skin and cut hairs closer to the root.

A built-in Panasonic shaving sensor detects dense patches and differences in thickness. It automatically adjusts its revolutions to compensate for thicker patches. This allows for less passes over the same spot and an easier shave overall.

Long Lasting Battery Makes the Panasonic Arc5 Ideal for Travel

Panasonic Arc5 - TrimmerThe Arc5’s cordless design, long lasting battery, and included carrying case allow you to easily use it anywhere. From airplane bathrooms to anywhere else you might end up on a business or leisure trip, the Arc5 can save you time. An LED display on the handle shows you how much battery life you have left during use. The integrated pop-up trimmer acts as a quick way to edge off facial hair that you want to keep, or hack off long hairs that need a quick trim before being shaved off.

Automatic Cleaning and Charging System Saves You the Effort

There’s no need to hand wash the Panasonic Arc5 if you buy it with the charging/cleaning station. The automatic cleaning and charging unit does everything for you. If you don’t get it packaged with your razor, it can be bought separately.


  • Sharp, close cutting blades
  • Speedy operation
  • Shaving sensor detects beard thickness and length for adjustments
  • Layered shaving action is effective for thick beards
  • Relatively long battery life


  • Takes extra maneuvering around the upper lip due to large size
  • Premium price


The Panasonic Arc5 is an excellent electric razor that performs extremely well on unusually think facial hair.






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