Home Expert Advice Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream: The Best Product for Medium Hold

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream: The Best Product for Medium Hold

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream: The Best Product for Medium Hold

If you’re looking for a shaping cream that isn’t waxy and doesn’t make your hair clump together, then try Paul Mitchell’s Tea tree shaping cream. It’s hands down one of the best hairstyling products for men that you can buy. It costs about $20, which is a good price for such a high quality hair product. Here’s an overview of what makes this styling cream stand out and why we recommend it.

It Doesn’t Cake Up or Harden

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping CreamIdeally, you don’t want it to be blatantly obvious that you’ve used a hair styling product in your hair. It looks better when you can barely tell. This tea tree shaping cream offers a matte finish that achieves a more natural look than any gel. With a medium firm hold, it gives your hair just the right amount of structure and volume.

For the average user, a second application won’t be necessary, but because it doesn’t harden or make your hair overly slick, some may want to reapply Paul Mitchell tea tree shaping cream during the day if they start to lose form. For shorter hair styles, this won’t be necessary, but longer hair styles mayrequire more attention. If you do need to apply the shaping cream again later in the day, the second application should use roughly half of what was used the first time, or less.

Ideal for a Wide Variety of Hair Types

Paul Mitchell tea tree shaping cream is a diverse product that works well with just about any kind of hair you put it in. It allows you to form your hair into the hairstyle you want, regardless of your hair’s natural state.

Works for Countless Different Hair Styles

This tea tree shaping cream can be used to make virtually any hair style. Even with stubborn cowlicks, you can work it into your hair and form it all into whatever look you are going for. It provides hold as well as moveable texture, so you can craft it how you want and it will stay. Paul Mitchell tea tree shaping cream’s subtle matte finish offers pliable definition that molds your hair into place.

Excellent Smell

The scent is very refreshing. It smells like a really nice tea tree shampoo or body wash. It’s almost good enough to be a cologne. It’s not too strong or overpowering so it won’t get old; it’s just right. People will ask about it if they catch a whiff, especially girls.

How to apply Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream
Put a dime- to quarter-sized amount in your palm and run your hands together. Work the shaping cream into your hair with your fingers, spreading them out to reach into all parts of your hair. It’s important to do this evenly so that you maintain consistency. If you only use Paul Mitchell tea tree shaping cream on certain spots, it might be apparent to others that you didn’t spread it out evenly.

You can put a quarter-sized amount if you want to ensure a stronger hold, but don’t use much more than that because it might result in making your hair look wet. Once you’ve evenly distributed the shaping cream, you can then comb or mold your hair into whatever hairstyle you want.

Alternatives to Paul Mitchell tea tree shaping cream

Although we recommend using Paul Mitchell’s tea tree shaping cream, there are some other good alternatives if you’re looking for something similar. Here are some other shaping creams that are comparable.

Kenra Platinum Shaping Creme #7

Kenra Platinum Shaping Creme #7
Kenra Platinum shaping cream behaves fairly similar to the Paul Mitchell tea tree, but adds more shine. It’s non-sticky and offers a well-balanced, medium hold. It’s virtually unscented, so if you have allergies and scents are sometimes a problem, then this is a great option. The very light scent that it does have is sweet, almost like citrus, but can’t really be smelled anymore once applied in your hair. You can buy Kenra Platinum shaping cream for about $14.

American Crew Forming Cream

American Crew Forming Cream
For an affordable but effective option, American Crew makes a great forming cream that really holds its own. As the number one best seller on Amazon in forming and shaping creams, this popular hair product has been vouched for by over 700 users, with a 4.5 star average rating. At less than $7, it’s incredibly cheap but performs well, especially on shorter hairstyles.

In case you’re wondering, the difference between a foaming cream and a shaping cream is negligible and lies in its material consistency. It’s used the same way that shaping cream is with pretty much the same results. It’s less shiny than a pomade for example, but holds quite well. American Crew forming cream has a very light but pleasant scent. As a low cost option that could be compared to Paul Mitchell tea tree shaping cream, this is the best one.

Tea Tree Shape Cream compared to Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream

GVP Tea Tree Shape Creme
If you want the tea tree scent and a consistency that is based on Paul Mitchell’s, then there is a generic option going for roughly $7. Don’t expect the same overall quality as Paul Mitchell’s tea tree with this generic replacement, but for roughly 1/3 of the price, this is a good alternative to the real thing.



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