Home Philips Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 Series: Is this All-In-One Worth Buying? 

Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 Series: Is this All-In-One Worth Buying? 

Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 Series: Is this All-In-One Worth Buying? 

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 is a solid purchase for a man with a checkbook to balance. It’s not without its flaws, but a strong battery life and versatile blade set make for great shaving on practically any area.

A Very Versatile Trimmer that Can Be Used All Over

To be clear, though, this is a trimmer – not a shaver. You’re not going to get any kind of silky-smooth shave with this, but with its 18 different attachments, you’ll have no problem hacking down everything from your nose and beard to your chest and back. In all, it’s got six guards, an extra-wide hair trimmer, a metal trimmer, a metal detailer, three beard guards, two stubble guards, a nose and ear trimmer, two body hair guards, a cleaning brush, and a storage bag. This is enough to cultivate almost all modern hairstyles, although it’s not designed to work with beards over 7mm in length.

DualCut Technology for Accurate Cutting

DualCut Technology
It also comes with the patented “DualCut” blade design that’s meant to allow for better precision. It uses double-sharpened blades and a design that reduces friction. Philips claims that this design works twice as quickly to buzz off hair compared to other options that don’t have the DualCut feature.

This feature works for the most part, too – it’s an accurate shave, and it comes with a number of smaller blades for extra precision. The razor actually sharpens itself as it works, too, so you can expect this to stand up to several years of regular use. It’s also sturdy and has a fairly solid overall build—especially for the price. The main blades come alongside fiberglass-reinforced cutting guards, which prevent the blades from bending and help with getting an even trim and straight, clean lines even through thick hair.

Long Lasting Battery Life

The shaver has a competitive battery life, as well. Its lithium batteries can get you up to 3 hours of cordless use, and you can use it while plugged in, as well. Being able to use it while plugged in is definitely a nice feature. There are plenty of shavers out there that don’t offer this. If your battery is completely dead and you need to shave, you don’t have to wait, which is always good to know when you’re in a hurry.

The Mulltigroom 5000’s fully metal motor and reinforced drive train give you maximum power during use, but keep in mind that the battery will need to be charged for approximately an hour to ensure you get maximum potential from the shaver and all its attachments. One of the key negatives of the Phillips, though, is that it doesn’t tell you when you’re coming to the end of the battery charge. However, since you can use it while it’s still plugged in, this shouldn’t be a problem for those shaving at home.

Build Quality

The 5000 series seems to have been designed with the desires of the grooming community at the forefront of Phillips’ thinking. Although it has flimsy, rather cheap quality guards, flimsiness shouldn’t be a major issue as long as you are careful with them. This trimmer’s slim design gives you good control when trying to perfect your beard style. It’s easy to guide the shaver around your face, and the rubber grip keeps it nice and steady in your hand.

Be Mindful of Tender Areas

The blades are generally quite smooth and capable of gliding over the skin without scratching. However, the blades can pinch when trimming your neck if you don’t hold it at the right angle.

All things considered, between its price, versatility, and battery life, the 5000 series is definitely a fair choice. The various attachments allow for accuracy and use all over. Whether you’re working on your head, beard, or body, this trimmer can take care of it. Overall, this is a well-designed product with sharp, precise blades. It’s worth its price for sure.


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