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Pompadour Hairstyles For Men

Pompadour Hairstyles For Men

The pompadour hairstyle simply entails the hair being swept upwards from the face while it is over the forehead with some similar accents around the sides and back. This is a popular choice for men to have as it can be classic and handsome. It has particularly evolved from being a hairstyle associated with the 1950s and 1960s to one that works today. In fact, many of today’s men have been sporting this style including David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Conan O’Brien, Morrissey and Macklemore just to name a few.

Today men can wear the pompadour hairstyle in a variety of ways. Many things can be done to make it look natural and unique on anyone regardless of what one’s face shape is like.

Clipping the Sides

One good consideration for this hairstyle is to have the sides clipped by a bit. The hair needs to be clipped around the sides and also closer to the head’s natural curve. This can allow for the hair to be parted to one side if desired. This choice works best for those with round faces.

This choice works particularly well if a person has a short beard. It is also good for those with wide faces as it keeps the balance between the length and width of the face in check.

An Angular Choice

A good option might be to get the hair shaved up to the crown. This can be paired with side and back hair that has been nearly shaved all the way off, thus creating a more fascinating look that could be very attractive. This style works for round faces as it adds a little more height to a face that is already wide.

Some strands of hair can stick out at the front if desired. These strands will be easier to spot when the person’s head is to the side.

Parting Effect

A parting effect may also be found in a modern pompadour. This effect will typically entail a spot on the left or right corner of the head. This does not necessarily mean that it will have a mohawk look but it will have an appearance where the hair on the sides is a little longer than what one might be used to while sporting this style.

Pompadour hairstyles can be attractive for men to try out. These are amazing options that are surprisingly versatile and can be used for men with all sorts of facial shapes.



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