Home Expert Advice What’s the Difference between a Rotary and a Foil Electric Shaver?

What’s the Difference between a Rotary and a Foil Electric Shaver?

What’s the Difference between a Rotary and a Foil Electric Shaver?

Are you torn between getting a rotary shaver and a foil shaver? Or maybe you’re just curious to know what the difference is? You’re not alone then. Which one is better has been a never-ending debate. Both shavers have some advantages and disadvantages to consider if you’re potentially going to buy one of them. They’re both supposed to provide a close shave without irritating your skin, but not all shavers are created equal. If you’re still trying to make up your mind, here are the differences between these two types of razors so you can decide which is best for you.

First off, let’s figure out what sets them apart. The most basic difference between these two shavers is the way they cut hair.

Foil electric shavers are usually rectangular and look kind of like safety shavers. They can only utilize a full range of flexibility when in use. They have curved metal covers over the blades with holes that set the hair in place for efficient cutting. Under the metal cover are oscillating blades that move back and forth. Since the foil shaver has side to side or back and forth movements, your stroke when shaving should be like that of a lawn mower over a field. The foil head will protect your skin from coming into direct contact with the blades. Foil shavers work best with straight, fine hair, but they also work with other kinds of hair. It’s recommended if you shave every day when using a foil shaver.

Foil razors typically give a closer shave than rotary shavers. Foil electric shavers feature varying patterns on each foil that are designed to cut any hair type with just one pass. The most common pattern has a short slit, a rounder hole and a wide, long slit. The guiding holes in the patterns may be hexagonal or wavy. The pattern of holes usually has three differently shaped openings. This will allow hairs of various lengths to be more effectively raised and then cut close to the skin. If you want a closer shave, a foil type shaver is a better option than a rotary shaver.

In terms of speed, which really makes a difference in cutting hair, the foil shaver spins faster than the rotary model. Foil shavers have a high vibration rate of up to 14,000 cycles per minute. They cut hair better than rotating razors. Foil shavers are also better for trimming sideburns or mustaches as they’re shaped in a straight line.

Budget foil shavers usually require you to remove the shaving head altogether before you can rinse, dry and lubricate the cutting block. Most higher-end foil shavers don’t require you to remove the foils. The motor will clear out any hair or residue while running it under the water.

Rotary shavers have round heads with a number of circular blades. The blades are arranged in a triangular design. Unlike foil shavers, rotary shavers work kind of like a weed whacker, meaning you have to move the razor at a slow pace in a circular motion. Rotary razors can bend to the contours of your face since rotary heads can pivot 360 degrees and can be flexed inwards in the center of the blades.

The flexibility of rotary shavers allows them to gently move around the curves of your face with minimal pressure. This makes shaving over rounded or curved areas like your neck and cheeks much easier. It also helps prevent missed spots. When used by women, it gives better access to the natural curves of the face as well as on underarms, and elsewhere. And with a rotary shaver, you don’t have to keep passing over the same spots on your face since the rotary guides are able to reach more hair.

Another advantage of rotary electric shavers is that they’re quieter than foil shavers. You can use them when your family members are sleeping and it won’t disturb them. Most rotary shavers feature vibration technology that doesn’t require dismantling for cleaning the blades.

Rotary shavers work well with both long, short, thick and course hair, in whichever direction it grows in. Rotary shavers are for people who don’t need to shave daily, and aren’t concerned with whether or not they’re getting the closest possible shave. Rotary shaves will get close enough for you to still get a clean shave, but it may not be quite as close as using a cartridge razor or even a disposable razor. A very good foil shaver can get that close though.

There’s really no obvious winner as to which of the two electric shavers is better. That totally depends on your preference for comfort, coverage and closeness. There’s an incredible variety to choose from on both sides, and you can have one of either type for as cheap less than $20, or as much as $300. It’s also important to note that each shaver is different. Even if it’s a rotary shaver, it could still give you the closest shave you’ve ever had. Likewise, not all foil shavers will give you a super close shave. It’s important to read reviews before making a purchase so you know what you’re getting and can get a good idea of what that particular shaver is like to shave with and also foresee any possible issues.

The Braun CoolTec is a great example of a high quality foil shaver. As for rotary shavers, one of the best options is the Remington XR1370 Hyper Series. Which you might prefer depends on a lot of things. If you read any reviews or in-depth comparison article between specific models in the same price range, you’ll find that both types of shavers are quite good.



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