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Using Straight Razors the Right Way

Using Straight Razors the Right Way

A straight razor can be one of the most useful types of products that you could ever use when it comes to getting your face shaved the right way. A straight razor will give you the closest possible shave for your face. You will also be less likely to bear with annoying bumps, cuts and rashes as you use a straight razor. You might even find that you’ll save money after a while, what with you not having much of a need to buy lots of blades all the time.

Even with these positive benefits, you need to be careful when using straight razors. There are many big pointers that deserve to be explored when it comes to getting straight razors to work for the demands that you might hold while getting ready to shave your face. You have to use this the right way to keep your skin feeling healthy and happy for as long as possible.

Strop the Right Way

The stropping process is critical for all people to consider when using straight razors. Stropping is a process that entails straightening the blade and polishing it off. The cutting edge will be pulled away from a surface to ensure that the blade will remain strong and sturdy.

It can be a critical process but it can also shorten the lift of your razor if you fail to do it the right way. Stropping helps but if you do it far too quickly and unevenly then it will be very easy for your blade to stop working as well as needed. You have to be cautious and avoid stropping really fast so it will be easier for you to protect yourself and keep it ready.

What About Honing?

A good barber hone can help you out with regards to keeping your blade sharp and strong. You may need to use this every couple of weeks to keep the blade sturdy and ready for use. More importantly, you need to use a honing material that you know will stay dry. This is critical as a blade that is wet during the honing process will be at risk of wearing out and struggling to stay active. You have to be careful so you will not have something that is far too hard to use in this case.

Go With the Grain

You will have to shave with the grain of the growth in your beard as you use the straight razor. This should be enough to make it so you can get all the hair covered.

You can always consider going against the grain if you want to get a closer shave. Be aware though that you may end up risking some cuts and other problems around the skin if you are not careful when doing this. You need to be cautious so you will not be at risk of hurting your skin as you use a quality material that will be easier to use and adjust around your face as needed.

How Many Passes?

Naturally, a straight razor will require you to work with a few passes around the skin to get it all treated right. You may need to work with about three passes on average. Sometimes only two will be good enough. This all depends on the condition of the hair that you are trying to shave off. If you are careful enough when making it ready then it should not be too hard for you to get the most out of your skin and to make it all look more interesting and handsome.

Keep the Cream Alkaline

The shaving cream that you plan on using while shaving with a straight razor needs to be as alkaline as possible. An alkaline cream will soft itself on your skin almost immediately after applying it. It will also open the pores around your skin and give off a comfortable feeling. Be sure to also apply it as evenly and carefully as possible so it will not be all that hard for you to use as demanded.

Your straight razor shaving habit could be one of the best habits that you could ever get yourself into. Be careful when shaving and make sure the razor you have is managed right so you’ll have a much easier time getting your skin to really look fine and to stand out as desired.



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