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Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit

Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit

Wahl has designed an impressive 24-piece haircut kit for people to try out today. This kit, which is the 79524-2501 Chrome Pro model, is designed with full body grooming in mind. It features several useful pieces that have been fully designed to make it very easy for the body to be shaved as needed.

A Sturdy Base

The base on this haircut kit features a design that offers a curved handle that is easy to hold and control. Meanwhile, the blades are designed with high-carbon steel to create a smooth and easy cut every single time. The design is also self-sharpening so it will not wear out all that quickly.

The base has a latching spot that makes it very easy for anyone to attach a comb or other items onto the unit. This is convenient as there are several different items that can be attached onto this unit.

The base also has a simple on and off switch. This is easy to access and switch on or off as demanded.

Many Guide Combs Are Used

Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome ProThere are all sorts of guide combs that can be utilized on this model. There are eleven basic guide combs that can be weaved through one’s hair with ease. These are convenient and suitable for a variety of different hair styles but it is best to start with the largest comb first and then move on to shorter lengths as needed. It is best to cut only a small bit of hair at a time while one is getting used to it. The clipper should not be forced into the area either.

There are also smaller guide combs in this set that are designed for the ears and eyebrows. These can be used alongside a small brush that comes with the haircut kit.

Plenty Of Extras Work

There are several different extras for people to try out as well. A styling comb and barber comb are both included. Two hair clips are also available for use. A pair of scissors is also included.

This is all packaged within a sturdy carrying case. This small case has plenty of spaces and openings to store the necessary pieces in. It even has its own convenient handle.

This 24-Piece Haircut Kit from Wahl should be perfect for the needs that men have when it comes to getting haircuts. This set is perfect for people who want to keep their appearances looking as great as possible while using the right materials to get any kind of trim going.




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