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Wahl vs Remington: Wahl 9854 vs Remington MB4040

Wahl vs Remington: Wahl 9854 vs Remington MB4040


Wahl and Remington are paramount competitors in the trimming, clipping and shaving industry. They make some of the most highly regarded trimmers on the market. For the $35-$40 price range, they both make a powerful trimmer with a long-lasting lithium ion battery.

The Wahl 9854 is the Remington MB4040’s nemesis. Internet reviews tend to favor the Wahl 9854, but on paper they are matched up pretty evenly. Here we’ll compare them closely and break down their pros and cons to see who the real king of the $35-$40 price range trimmers is. Let’s begin.

Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Grooming Kit #9854-600

Wahl 9854The Wahl 9854 is really powerful for a trimmer. Even by just the sound it makes, you can tell it can easily buzz through the thickest wadded beard you can find. It vibrates in your hand from the force of the motor. The vibration may be irritating to some who are trying to edge up their lines perfectly. But when holding it in your hand, you can’t help but be impressed by the speed and high build quality of this trimmer.

Wahl lays claim to having the world’s first lithium ion trimmer/shaver. The battery lasts for about two hours of continuous use. There’s no battery level indicator, so you may want to charge it randomly every now and then. The li-ion battery makes the trimmer lighter. It doesn’t lose charge as much as other batteries if left to sit. As Wahl proves with this device, lithium ion is definitely the way to go for cordless trimmers/shavers.

Forgot to charge your 9854 trimmer but need to clean yourself up before going to work? The Wahl 9854 features a five-minute quick charge that is super handy if you’re in a hurry. A full charge takes one hour, but the quick charge will give you plenty of juice to make it through your trimming routine.

The Wahl all in one grooming kit includes three beard guides, a thin detailer for ears, nose and eyebrows, a dual-foil shaver for getting close, a wide T-blade trimmer for broad strokes with three guide combs. The organizer tray that holds all of the attachments is rather flimsy, but they all fit in it. A bit of oil and a cleaning comb are also included so you can keep the 9854 clean and running smooth.

The detailer isn’t perfect for getting inside the nose and ears as it’s flat, but you can still use it if you twist it around inside your nostril or around your ear. The dual-foil attachment is better than you may expect. It’s quite usable. If you don’t already have an electric shaver, this could be a great two-in-one for you for only about $40.


  • Super powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Surprisingly good dual-foil shaver


  • Nose and ear trimmer is flat and doesn’t work great
  • Organizer tray is junky
  • Costs $5 more than the MB4040
  • It’s somewhat loud
  • The powerful motor causes extra vibration

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Men’s Rechargeable Mustache Beard and Stubble Trimmer

Remington MB4040This trimmer has a familiar design. It has nice titanium blades that may not buzz quite as forcefully as the Wahl 9854’s, but still have plenty of hair slashing power. Like the Wahl, the Remington’s battery lasts for two hours.

It includes three ground blades and an adjustable guard with 9 length settings from 1.5mm – 18mm. The adjustable guard means less hassle. You don’t need to take up a bunch of bathroom counter space with a tray for the attachments. It’s just simpler with the Remington MB4040.

The three ground blades are beard, stubble and goatee. The goatee blade is more like a general detailer. It’s thinner than the other two, so it’s good for sideburns and moustaches as well. The stubble trimmer has fine teeth to better protect your skin when getting close. Be careful not to put the standard beard blade against your skin without a guard. That’s what the stubble blade is for.

The MB4040 feels comfortable in the hand and has a rubberized grip. It’s lightweight and fully washable. You can simply run the head and blades under water when you’re done for a quick clean.

All features considered, the MB4040 is quite similar to the Wahl 9854. It costs roughly $30 and comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Fully washable
  • Powerful motor
  • High quality titanium blades
  • Lightweight
  • 2-hour battery
  • $5 cheaper than the Wahl 9854


  • Beard blade can cut you pretty good with no guard


The Wahl claims to be an all in one, but doesn’t quite deliver when it comes to nose and ear hair. The Remington MB4040 doesn’t bother trying to include a nose and ear hair trimmer, so you shouldn’t fault Wahl for including something extra that doesn’t work so great. Whal’s dual-foil shaver on the other hand was a nice addition that the Remington lacks.

As just beard trimmers, these two are pretty evenly matched. Wahl offers more though with their dual-foil shaver head. If you’d like more than just a trimmer, the Wahl 9854 wins.








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