Home Reviews Wahl Color Pro: A Convenient Device for Cutting Hair

Wahl Color Pro: A Convenient Device for Cutting Hair

Wahl Color Pro: A Convenient Device for Cutting Hair

Learning to cut your own hair allows you to maintain any style you choose. It is also an instrumental skillset that can save you both time and money. An easy, affordable, and well-designed haircutting kit for home use can help you achieve that. Wahl Color Pro Complete Haircutting Kit 79300-400T is an exceptional set that allows you to attain high-quality haircuts at the comfort of your home. You can use the kit to cut your hair or shape up your mustache, beard, and sideburns. Wahl Color Pro is a budget-friendly, multi-purpose clipper that you can even use for manscaping.

Wahl Color Pro / Accessories
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The Wahl Color Pro comes with a soft grip that offers comfortable operation. You do not have to worry about blades going blunt since the device has self-sharpening blades created from materials like high-carbon steel. They’re designed to remain sharp for a much longer duration. The unit comes with fine-tuning for the blades, which gives you even more control when it comes to styling your hair.

The clipper comes with a wide array of accessories. Apart from the 12 distinct-sized styling combs, there is also a barber comb, a small container of blade oil, a pair of scissors, and a clearing brush. The storage case facilitates easy transportation. The kit comes with guidelines for operating and taking care of the trimmer in both English and Spanish.

Color Coded Guide Combs

Combs and hair length settings

This kit has 12 color-coded combs of different sizes. The many different sized combs allow you to choose one that meets your hair styling needs and preferences. The high-quality combs have a prolonged lifespan since they do not break easily. The attachment combs come in distinct colors, making it easier to identify the preferred hair length of everyone in your family. Color coding on the trimmer matches the combs’ color, allowing you to use the correct settings when trimming hair. If you want to achieve a closer cut, you will need to use the hair trimmers without the combs or guard.

Wahl Color Pro / Self-Sharpening Blades

Cleaning and maintenance of the blades

This device utilizes carbon steel blades that require oiling after every use to maintain their performance at a top-notch level. Carbon steel blades are strong and durable. These blades are the preferred choice of many barbers because the edges are sharper compared to those of stainless steel blades. Maintain the quality of the blade by putting a few drops of oil on it relatively often, at least once a week if you use them daily.

Since it is easy to remove the blades, you should be washing them at least once a week (right before applying oil) if you use them often. Make sure you dry the blades properly after washing and oiling. Many users have praised the blades for their ability to remain sharp and perfect for many years when properly maintained. If your blades develop any problems, you can purchase replacements.

Power and cord

The Wahl Color Pro does not have a battery. It only uses a cord for its operation. It operates on 120V, but you can convert it to 220V by using an adaptor. The 6-foot cord offers adequate flexibility of movement. This trimmer produces some buzzing when in use, but most users consider it to be much quieter than most other trimmers out there.

If you are a budget-seeker or you are just looking for a simple clipper to use in the comfort of your home, the Wahl Color Pro is a perfect choice for you. You can leverage its self-sharpening blades and colored combs to attain any style you wish.



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